Nautilus Pacific is comprised of a steel coastal tug, the ‘Levanter’, a multi-purpose dumb barge, the ‘Harvest Star’, a multipurpose vessel, the ‘Patiki’, a coastal steel tug, the ‘Rossco’ and a steel dumb barge, the ‘Geronimo’. This equipment can be modified in a number of ways to fulfil a wide range of marine operations and we encourage direct contact with our company directors who will supply and guide you to the most convenient and cost effective solution.

Harvest Star

A Multi purpose dumb barge built in New Zealand in 1999. Read more →

Tug Levanter

The coastal steel tug Levanter was built in Australia in 1977. Read more →


The Patiki is a multipurpose vessel that is suited to a Read more →

Tug Rossco

Steel tug built in Australia in 1981. Read more →


A steel Dumb barge built in Vietnam in 2012, fitted with a hydraulic stern loading ramp. Read more →

Clients and Projects

Nautilus Pacific have already engaged in a wide range of projects and has a Read more →

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