Health, Safety & Environment Policies

Nautilus Pacific Ltd has an impeccable safety record and owes this acclaim to our environmental & safety policies. While it is our aim to provide an outstanding service for our clients, all our operations will be carried out to the highest safety standard with strict adherence to incident-free protocol.


Safety Policy

Nautilus Pacific Ltd is committed to the health and safety of it’s employees, contractors and clients and this is among the most important considerations in any company endeavours or operations.

The protection of the environment and Company assets are also regarded primary concerns. There are no operations considered so important that we cannot take the time to do it safely and properly.

This philosophy enables Nautilus Pacific to deliver a safe and high quality service to it’s employees, contractors and clients.

It is, therefore, Nautilus Pacific’s policy to provide a place of employment which endeavors to reduce or remove, as far as reasonably practicable, recognized hazards, provide incident and accident prevention systems and awareness, and comply with Maritime New Zealand Safe Ship Management Regulations.

Recognizing that safety, hazard awareness and prevention and environmental protection are corporate and operational responsibilities, this policy requires all employees, contractors and visitors, to be responsible for the prevention of work place related illness and injuries, property damage and environmental incidents or accidents.

Should an employee, contractor or client feel any aspect of the ship is being run in a unsafe manner they are to report their concerns directly to the Master of the vessel or company management. Nautilus Pacific’s safety record will be the measure of the philosophy of this policy.

Ross Owen Simonsen
Nautilus Pacific Ltd

1st November 2011


Environmental Policy

It is Nautilus Pacific’s policy to conduct it’s operations in such a manner as to minimize or negate any actions that may be of impact on the environment.

The Company is aware of the sensitive and ecological balances between it’s operations and the environment and therefore makes all efforts to avoid or minimize pollution that would upset the environmental balance.

Nautilus Pacific realize that we operate in some of the most pristine and ecologically diverse areas on earth and are dedicated to ensuring this can be enjoyed by future generations.

Nautilus Pacific and it’s employees/contractors will follow all national, international and other applicable regulatory standards to prevent pollution or environmental damage to the lands, waters and air in which the Company may operate.

Subcontractors and others who visit or work at any Company facilities or locations will be held accountable for ensuring that environmentally proven practices and procedures are followed.

Environmental pollution violations, incidents or hazards associated to this policy should be brought to the immediate attention of all management.

Ross Owen Simonsen
Nautilus Pacific Ltd

1st November 2011

Drug, Alcohol & Contraband Policy

Drug, Alcohol and Contraband Policy

It is Nautilus Pacific’s policy to provide a safe, hazard-free, working environment and to protect employee and contractor’s health and Nautilus Pacific property by ensuring safe and efficient operations across all aspects of the business.

These guidelines apply to all employees and contractors.
The possession or consumption of firearms, illegal drugs, or other mood altering substances on Nautilus Pacific facilities, client operated facilities or vessels by Nautilus Pacific personnel, contractors or other persons operating on, or entering onto Nautilus Pacific or client operated facilities or vessels, is strictly prohibited. The Company adopts a Zero Tolerance stance on these matters.
Consuming or being under the influence of alcohol when the vessel is operating is strictly prohibited.

In the interest of safety, security and compliance of the Nautilus Pacific policy and in accordance with the conditions imposed upon Nautilus Pacific by law, regulations and contractual agreements with our client’s, Nautilus Pacific may conduct searches for any items referred to in this policy and may conduct alcohol and drug testing from time to time or as a result of a workplace accident or on a show/cause basis to ensure a safe working environment, free of hazards. It is the responsibility of employees and contractors to comply with these guidelines.

Where an employee or contractor breaches or is reasonably suspected of having breached this policy, the employee/contractor will be given an opportunity to explain his or her actions.

Where no satisfactory explanation is given, the matter will be treated as misconduct. Breach of these Guidelines may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Ross Owen Simonsen
Nautilus Pacific Ltd

1st November 2011


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